From:                                         mark sessions

Sent:                                           20 September 2017 20:03

To:                                               Debbie O'Shea

Subject:                                     Proposed Oyster bed,stake holder objection.


Dear Debbie

                     i have read through the intended areas,although not absolutely clear to the layperson,our concern is for 2a on the map at Mersea......for the last fifty years plus i and many of my fellow anglers have been able to collect marine worms from this environment,it is obvious to me that this process is sustainable or there would be no marine worms left to harvest.If you close any section of the mudflat for this purpose and exclude us from these areas more pressure will be put on places where there are no restrictions......i have already made it quite clear the oysters are in direct conflict with other marine creatures (competing for nutrients in the water) the amount of oysters on the mudflats has been on the increase for a number of years now and having a direct impact on the size of marine worm(lugworm) that is produced.....and most of the original ragworm beds have gone,  but that is not a direct consequence of the increase of oysters but that has not helped.Really all we want is to carry on our right to dig bait and fish as the law allows us without any hindrance from oyster fisheries so if there is a conflict of interests we object officially,

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

                                                 Sincerely Mark Sessions Hon. Secretary, Colchester sea angling club.