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Medway Estuary MCZ

Site Overview

The Medway Estuary MCZ is located on the Kent coast and encompasses the Medway Estuary from Rochester down to its mouth and extends seaward to include an area between Sheerness and the Isle of Grain. The MCZ protects 60km of a very dynamic estuarine ecosystem where marine life is adapted to the ever-changing salinity and tidal movement. Among the sites protected features the tentacled lagoon-worm and estuarine rocky habitats are relatively rare within South East England. Intertidal habitat features support local bird populations and the area is also a very important nursery ground for several commercially important species including cod, plaice, bass and sole. In 2019 Smelt was added as an additional feature of the site along with a small extension to the site boundary. This boundary extension only refers to Smelt, not the original features.