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Trawling for cod

South of 51000.00N(Hythe Bay to Sussex).

100mm+ codend can be used

80-99mm 30% bycatch of cod

North of 51000.00N(Hythe Bay to Essex)

Cod recovery measures 2056/2001 apply.

Codend mesh 120mm+ can be used. (No by-catch restrictions apply)

Mesh size range 100-109mm & 110-119mm 

A 90mm square panel must be fitted.

No more than 20% cod permitted

Mesh size 80 – 99mm

If no square mesh panel fitted a maximum of 5% cod and min of 70% of target species.

If square mesh panel is fitted a maximum of 20% cod and min of 70% of target species.


80mm – 99mm mesh permitted provided no more than 20% cod is retained

Maximum combined beam trawl length 9m 

No square mesh panel required

Top sheet of net must consist of a panel of netting of 180mm diamond mesh. The panel should extend into the posterior of the net by the number of meshes determined by:

(1) dividing the length in metres of the beam of the net by 12;

(2) multiplying the result obtained b 5,400

(3) dividing the result by the mesh size in millimetres of the smallest mesh in the panel; and

(4) ignoring and decimal

Minimum percentages of the target species for towed gear

At all times during a fishing voyage, and following sorting of the catch, the percentage of target species retained on board shall be at least half of the minimum percentages of the target species

Double or Triple rigged Trawlers

Whenever more than one net is towed simultaneously by a fishing vessel or by more than one fishing vessel, each net shall be of the same mesh size range.