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The following byelaws have been made or reviewed since 2011 and apply across the entire Kent and Essex IFCA District


The Byelaw will provide the Authority with the ability to balance the needs of persons harvesting cockles with the requirements to secure a sustainable marine eco-system and local socio-economic environment. The Byelaw will introduce flexibility in the way that the Authority manages effort directed towards the cockle fishery and support the development of a sustainable fishery.  All persons will be limited in the technical specifications of gear that can be used, the areas and times which can be worked and a daily catch limit of cockles.  The flexible permit conditions will be reviewed when necessary on the basis of best available evidence and within a time period not exceeding three years.

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The purpose of this byelaw is to provide protection against over exploitation of whelk stocks within the Authority’s district by prohibiting the setting of whelk pots without a permit and restricting the number of whelk pots that may be set.  The technical requirements of this byelaw will be reviewed by Kent and Essex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority at least every 3 years.

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This emergency byelaw prohibits the removal from the fishery, retention on board, transhipping or landing, of whelks below a specified size of 53mm.

The byelaw also contains an allowance of 5% of whelks which may be undersized when a representative sampled is measured, a description of a representative sample is provided.

This emergency byelaw is intended to translate the riddle bar spacing provided for the KEIFCA Whelk Permit Byelaw into a shell height for each whelk. Paragraph 22 of the Whelk Permit Byelaw states; “Following the procedure set out in paragraph 21 all whelks that have passed between the bars of the riddle must be returned immediately to the sea. Final inspection of catch should then be undertaken to ensure that any remaining whelks below the current statutory minimum size are also returned immediately to the sea.”

This emergency byelaw also replaces the minimum size for whelks of 45mm shell height specified in the Fish, Mollusc and Crustacea Minimum Sizes Emergency Byelaw 2019 made by Kent and Essex IFCA on 13th August 2019, with a minimum size of 53mm.

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This Byelaw prohibits the use of bottom towed fishing gear in specified areas to protect the designated features of those areas and therefore prevent damage to or deterioration of those sites. The prohibited areas within this byelaw are  Thanet Coast SAC,  Essex Estuaries SAC,  Folkestone Pomerania MCZ,  Pan Sand Hole, Knob Channel and East Margate Sands as defined in the Schedule of the Byelaw.

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The River Roach Oyster Fishery Order 2013


The Byelaw prohibits the taking of, and carriage of, sea fisheries resources in the restricted area defined in the byelaw. The prohibition against carrying sea fisheries resources in the restricted area does not apply to any person on a vessel carrying sea fisheries resources from outside the area directly to the marinas and permanent moorings north of Hoo Island.  The Byelaw will protect fish populations using the River Medway as a nursery area and will in addition offer protection to the Marine Protected Area (MPA) designations of the site including Special Protected Areas (SPA) and Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) features.

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This Byelaw prohibits the use of all types of bottom trawl in specified areas of the Essex Estuaries SAC to protect the designated features of those areas and therefore prevent damage to or deterioration of the site. Download the Byelaw here for full details

Fish, Mollusc and Crustacea Minimum Size Emergency Byelaw 2019

This byelaw prohibits the removal from the fishery, retention on board, transhipping, landing, transporting, storing, selling, displaying or offering for sale specified marine organisms below specified sizes.

The byelaw provisions shall not apply to any catch that is subject to Article 15 of Regulation (EU) 1380/2013 or any subsequent regulation that requires fish to be retained and landed in order to prohibit discarding at sea.

The byelaw includes method of measurement according to the anatomy of the species

The byelaw contains provisions for the retention of live named fish species below the minimum size that may be used as live bait when fishing for predatory fish species

The byelaw also contains provisions for retaining 10% undersize catch in relation to sardine, herring, horse mackerel or mackerel.

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