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Edible Crab

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2000 No. 2029

The Undersize Edible Crabs Order 2000


It is prohibited to land edible crabs (Cancer pagurus) which have not attained a size of 130mm


which have been caught within British fishery limits outside the Eastern Sea Fisheries District



2000 No. 1081


The Sea Fishing (Enforcement of Community Conservation Measures) Order 2000


Edible crabs may only be retained and landed whole

However a maximum of 5% by weight of the total catch of edible crabs or parts thereof retained on board, may consist of detached claws.


The minimum size for edible crab in area IVc south of 56° N is 115 mm

The minimum size for edible crab in area VIId is 140 mm

Undersize marine organisms shall not be retained on board, transshipped, landed, transported, stored, sold, displayed, or offered for sale, but shall be returned immediately to the sea.;jsessionid=QKKRTFbSz1rn1h242YZPL2p9B111wKTRfFDsK1spRSVHmHg1H1v9!1365073497?uri=CELEX:31998R0850