At present Kent & Essex IFCA employs 14 full time staff, 1 part-time staff member and a part time financial advisor.  In addition to this the Authority also contributes to the services of the Clerk, Chairman and Vice-chairman.  The structure and key roles of each member of staff are laid out in Dig.4.  One of the areas that KEIFCA are trying to develop in the organisation as we move into our fourth year is the ability of each officer to take on each other’s roles, and expand their knowledge base so that each officer is competent in a wide spectrum of new roles and duties.  This approach will give KEIFCA a huge amount of flexibility in being able to deliver all KEIFCA’s new duties and react to events.





Other IFCAs' vacancies


Critical challenging vacancies in front line fisheries management. NW England. Flexible time management. closing date 31 August.

  1. DEPUTY CHIEF & HEAD OF ENFORCEMENT: Manage NWIFCA enforcement. 10 Officers. National and regional interagency co-ordination. Based Carnforth. Report to CEO. Salary scale £30,758 to £41,025.
  2. INSHORE FISHERIES AND CONSERVATION OFFICERS (IFCO): Fisheries and marine protected area enforcement. Science surveys & data collection. Public liaison. Training provided as required. Based Carnforth or Liverpool. Salary scale £20,138 to £27,668.
  3. FIXED TERM 1 YEAR IFCO / PATROL VESSEL CREW: Based Whitehaven. Salary £20,138.

Local government pension scheme. Full details